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Motorboating was never this cool

Here is my entree for Ludum Dare 48!

In this game, you are a diver who jumped into the water without a lifeline or oxygen tank. Why? Good question. Ponder about that while you make sure that the diver lives as long as possible.
However, with its limited oxygen supply, everything must come to an end.

Since I never really made a game all by myself, it was quite a stressful time to debug it all. There is still a camera bug where the screen shakes uncontrollably when the levels transition, I cant seem to fix that. However, I can say I`m pretty pleased with the end result.

I can now say that I made a game all by myself in 48 hours.
Now if you`ll excuse me, I have some sleep to catch up on.

You can play the game online [here], or find download links over [here]!

You can play with the application yourself over here, if you have the Unity plugin installed!